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Westland Whirlwind helicopter Variants


Westland Whirlwind of the Royal Navy
(With production numbers)
WS-55 Series 1: 44
American engines (Pratt & Whitney Wasp R-1340-40), transport helicopters for military and civilian use WS-55 Series 2: 19
Alvis engines (Alvis Leonides Major 755), civilian use WS-55 Series 3: 5
Gnome turboshaft (Bristol Siddeley Gnome 101), civilian use HAR.1 :10
Search and rescue RN service HAR.2 : 33
RAF service from 1955 HAR.3 : 25
Wright Cyclone light jets engine RN service HAR.4 : 24
Improved HAR.2 for hot and high conditions MAR.5 : 3
Alvis engines RN service HAS.7 : 129
RN anti-submarine duties - 1 torpedo 12 used for Royal Marine transport use HCC.8 : 2
Royal Flight transport, VVIP HAR.9 :
RN service HC.10
RAF service HAR.10: 68
RAF, helicopter charter transport and air-sea rescue HCC.12: 2
Royal Flight,
The model numbers for the US-built evaluation models were
HAR.21 10 rescue
HAS.22 12 anti-submarine

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